Acquist Asia provides immigration options to over 19 countries of which Acquist London Realty Connect specializes and provides an end to end UK Business Immigration service for its clients.

Offering an unparalleled approach, our experienced consultants will provide the most customized and time relevant consultation while providing you the assistance and backing of the best solicitors & lawyers in the country. Our specialty also includes visas like the Tier 1 (Investor) Visa, Innovators Visa amongst the others.

For Entrepreneurs - Investors

Our assistance begins right from the reconnaissance to understand and meet the client’s long-term immigration goals for clients looking to invest or set up a new business in the UK to going above and beyond the application process. Our expert consultants advise investors and entrepreneurs on which route best meets their needs, providing recommendations on extensions, settlement applications and accelerated routes, as well as detailed business plans and investment structures vital to the success of start-up, innovator and investor visa applications.

For Employers and employees

We provide end-to-end immigration assistance to businesses, developing strategic immigration plans and provide complete support for a gradual progression and business settlement route.

Developers we work with